We value our patients' experience at Colleton Chiropractic. 

Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

I am 15 weeks pregnant and have been experiencing sharp low back pain that radiates to my right leg. After just 3 visits with Dr. Bri the pain is completely gone. I am amazed at how easy the adjustments were and the fact that they made such a big improvement for me. I am continuing chiropractic care throughout my pregnancy to stabilize my back and pelvis and hopefully have a safe and healthy delivery.

B. Morehead

I was having trouble walking because my back was hurting and I had pain in my legs. After my second visit, I could tell an improvement in my walking and the pain in my back was improving. I can now walk a mile and there is little to no pain. I walk 3 or 4 times a week now!

P. Hooker

I had pain and stiffness in my neck and upper back. I also had trouble turning my head all the way while driving, etc. My care has been professional and effective. I no longer have the stiffness in my upper back

and neck and I am much more comfortable with driving, etc.

J. Callendar

Since I’ve started with chiropractic care I have not had any headaches. The last headache that I had was the day of my accident. My experience so far with my chiropractic care has been amazing. Everyone is friendly and they actually love what they do. So far, my life is going well since I started receiving chiropractic care

S. Johns

Prior to chiropractic care, I always had to use my inhaler for my asthma. I always because out of breath when doing various activities. It made me miss out of doing fun activities with my family and friends. Since I’ve been receiving chiropractic care, my asthma symptoms have been going away. I don’t have as much shortness of breath and my breathing has gotten so much better thanks to Dr. Massey and her advice and adjustments. I would say my overall quality of life has gotten so much better. I am able to enjoy more physical movement without being out of breath due to my asthma

M. Ancrum

Prior to chiropractic care I was having pain in my shoulders, neck, mid-back and lower back. I made an appointment to see Dr. John Gallagher and everything began to change with the care I received. I can function better since coming here. I can truly say it has made a change in my life. I can do more and I feel better after doing an event. The pain in my shoulder blade is gone. This is why I am going to keep doing what I am doing.

E. Bowman

Prior to chiropractic care I had really bad back pain and neck pain. My experience with chiropractic care has been really good. I do not have as much back pain nor neck pain. It has really worked! It has continued to work really well and I am going on my second year of care.

K. Robertson

Before coming to Dr. John’s office, I was in a lot of pain medications, in a lot of pain and also having shortness of breath. Dr. John and his staff are very good and they cater to pain and putting my spine back in place. After receiving care from Dr. John, my breathing is much better and I have less pain! Thank God for Dr. John.

A. Smith

Our baby, Colby has been going here since he was 8 weeks old. At the time we were in search of relief from colic. If anyone has ever been through colic with their little ones then they know it can be torturous for everyone involved, including the infants. After his first adjustment, he slept through the night and then by 3 months he was sleeping through most nights for about 12 hours! Chiropractic has definitely helped all of us find some relief. We will be using Dr. Bri at Colleton Chiropractic for our next baby as soon as possible after birth. We love our visits!

V. Sherry

I noticed myself having poor posture and trouble bending over to pick things up. I am very impressed with the professional, kind and friendly personnel I experienced at Colleton Chiropractic. Since receiving chiropractic care, I am more flexible. I can now tie my shoes without pain, I have a better sense of balance and my overall health is much better. Thank you!

D. Miller

When I first started seeing Dr. Gallagher, I complained to him a list of ailments. I had back pain, migraines, bowel issues, and foot/ankle problems. Since treatment began, I have had so many improvements! I have no back pain (unless I overuse it). I have not had any migraines and my headaches are diminishing. I now have him adjust my feet each visit and that keeps me feeling great! I love when chiropractor day rolls around because it makes me feel so good! I am so thankful for Colleton Chiropractic and the staff!!

R. Herndon

Extremely thorough! I received x-rays on the first visit, which the doctor went over with me in great detail. I originally sought them fibromyalgia relief, but ended up receiving that and so much more! I sleep better, I have less fatigue during the day, and I have less pain all around! Now my entire family receives regular adjustments!

Tonya J.

I had been having severe shoulder pain for nearly 3 months. 1 visit and 75% of the pain is gone next day. Staff is very professional and courteous and John Gallagher is an exceptional doctor.

John B.

I ride horses and have hip and back pain because they sometimes ride me! I was concerned I was going to get to the point where I couldn't ride anymore. After a couple of months of seeing Dr. Gallagher I feel soooo much better. I'm looking forward to many more trail rides! Dr. Gallagher is so upbeat and positve you can't help but feel better after seeing him! Everyone in the office is great! Very nice, professional, and accomodating.

Cindy T.

Lots of good knowledge about things that I was totally unaware. Looking forward to getting my body back in good health. Wonderful staff!

Scott D.

My family has had great experiences with Colleton Chiropractic! We’ve received treatment for work injuries, spine curvatures and as of this week, a not so wise jump out of a treehouse! From the ladies up front to all 3 doctors, they are caring and competent. Highly recommend!!

Ellen W.


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